When we bought this house we thought nothing of the garage being unfinsihed. After all I at the time I didn’t really have time to work on any projects. My tool box was in such a state of diaster that even looking at it killed all motivation I had to work on a project.

After getting bit by the making bug again it was time to get this all sorted out. First, it started by organizing my tool box. While doing this I found the lightning in the garage to be completely unacceptable for working in.

The first project was to add four 5000K led lights. This greatly brightens it up but it still had some dark areas so I added another four 5000K led lights. As I was working in the garage more and had the lights on with the bay door open the unfinished drywall rapidly began to yellow.

It was clear that I either needed to finish the dry wall or tear it down and replace it with something else. I went with finsihing it. Although I knew nothing about mudding and taping it was a skill I was determined to teach myself.

Asking for advice from friends everyone told me it’d be better to hire someone. That wasn’t the point. The point was to learn a new skill and take it on as a project. A few YouTube videos and a trip to the hardware store and I was set.

After getting the walls and ceiling mudded, taped, primed and painted white is was really started to look like a workspace. Not only did it look much brighter and cleaner but it gave the space a different feeling.

Next, I patched the cracks and holes and then used a two part expoxy to paint the floor. Not only did this add to the clean workshop feeling it made the floor substantially easier to clean. I will still need to run electrical out there to a separate panel as well as add heat. If is a much better workspace.

In the process of this make over I remove the old barely held together workbench. Now I need to build some storage solutions and cabinets. On to the next project.